What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the practice where by a woman (mostly younger woman) donates eggs to help/enable another woman (mostly older women) to conceive through assisted reproductive technique. The egg donation typically involves in-vitro fertilization technology.

Egg donor programme basically offers hope to a large number of women who previously could probably never become pregnant. These categories of women include:
Women whose ovaries do not produce eggs due to old age or menopause, women who experience what we call premature ovarian failure and women who have had their ovaries removed as a treatment for cancer, pelvic infection or endometriosis.

Why Donate Your Eggs?

Make Positive Change

It will make you feel powerful in your ability to make positive change in your society.

Help Make Families

Many couples desperately need eggs to make their families and you could help them do that

 Experience Peace

Experience an amazing symbolic connection to others and deepen your capacity for empathy .

Receive Compensation

Donors receive compensation packages to take care of expenses like tuition fee, travel expenses etc.

Are You Ready To Gift Someone The Gift Of Life?