Why Become An Egg Donor

Egg donor programs offer hope to a large number of women who could probably never become pregnant. As an egg donor, you have the chance to experience an amazing symbolic connection to others and so much more

01. Help A Family

Many couples desperately need eggs to make their families and you could help them do that. By choosing to donate eggs, you are doing something that may help to build generations.

02. Compensation

Because of the resources (time and energy) committed by donors, compensation packages are usually provided to take care of expenses like tuition fee, pay off debts, travel etc.

03. Medical Tests

Donors go through medical and genetic test requirements prior to donating eggs, thus helping to learn about their reproductive health and risks for hereditary diseases.

04. Anonymity

We understand the need for privacy for donors, as such, we ensure names and contact information of egg donors remain anonymous throughout the entire process.

How To Become An Egg Donor


Sign Up To Become An Egg Donor

Sign up by filling the form inputting your correct details in every field.


Donors go through a comprehensive medical screening which includes HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Genetic diseases like sickle cell, blood group and Rhesus status amongst other things.


After donors have successfully completed the medical screening, they will be recruited to participate in the IVF process.

IVF Process

This is the final stage where the egg donor undergoes IVF stimulation, which will be followed by the egg retrieval procedure.

Become An Egg Donor